Couldn't you just scream?!

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Couldn't you just scream?!

Post  Relaxer on Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:18 pm

What a Face Well I certainly did! Literally. Good morning people. It's 6.57 am on Saturday 6th October 2012 & after not getting home until 1.30 am from another shift, I stayed up until 2.30 & crashed to bed, utterly exhausted & what happens?, I get woke up about 6 by cramp!

As if I'm not bloody well done in enough as it is! I was in an Optare yesterday, dog tired as it was, & caught the back of my right leg, smack in the middle of the calf, on the metal box that the seat stem is attached too & literally screamed the place down as cramp soared through my leg, right in front of the passengers! To say I felt like a pillock screaming in front of them is an understatement! Embarassed

Even though I'm back on duty today at 1.30 pm I'm guzzling a large glass of Carolan's & this time, I couldn't give a hoot!...

Had a bit of a rough day yesterday, anyone here who knows Worcester passengers may well know Stuart & his partner Julie. Stuart is 29 & looks like Joe Ninety & his Julie is severely mentally disabled. Had them on my bus yesterday & while I'm no Stuart fan (he makes my flesh crawl to be really honest), he basically has a good heart & Julie was really bad this time. She was screaming that she don't want to go to Birmingham, over & over & Stuart was stood at the cab trying to talk to me & deal with Julie & her panic & he had the patience of a saint! He did his best to talk to her calmly & quietly but she was still all panicy & everything! He had to keep repeating & repeating over & over that she's NOT going to Birmingham, he promises her that! Respect to the man, I'll give him all due for that! But to make things worse, there was this young couple up on the top deck & she has the most EVIL laugh, it really did make me feel crawly with fear but I think the scum were taking the ...micky...out of poor Julie...which is sick as she can't help being the way she is! They got off at the train station in Foregate St & the odd couple got off at CrownGate & I got really sarcastic with them as they got off for taking it out of Julie! I used to be an assistant manager for a mental health place & while some patients like Julie can be loud & frightening...its not their fault, just an act of nature!

My husband was all stressy & angry yesterday driving various routes so I thought of my darling son to calm me down...I saw him a couple of times & he was ok thankfully!

You all have a good day & don't let the buggers drag you down! X


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Re: Couldn't you just scream?!

Post  Daisy Dart on Mon Jan 28, 2013 2:17 am

Apparently a lot of drivers claim that Optare Excels give them pain in the lower back, just about where your kidneys are. I've had this myself.

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